L.A. to Brazil… (on a bicycle??)

So you may have heard that I am about to leave on an adventure with my bicycle…

…and I’m headed to Brazil of all places…

If you’re wondering how in the hell I’m planning on doing it, just watch this video…

(I don’t know how helpful it will be in answering your questions, but at least we get to look at this cool map book together!) 😉

3 thoughts on “L.A. to Brazil… (on a bicycle??)

  1. I only found out today you are making this journey! You are incredible! And to think you were spurred into action by a dream (I read through your last several blogs)! Lots of exclamation points!


    I’d love to say you are inspiring me, but I can’t seem to motivate myself off this couch as I devour your tale. But you are truly amazing me, and I look forward to reading your blog on your journey. Congratulations on your boldness and courage and chutzpah!


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