Peace in the Middle East (of Mexico)

Hello dear friends and family,

Just a quick update:

Many people have been concerned because the last post I did ended at a scary moment for me.

I am safe and happy now, spending a week here in Ramos with my wonderful hosts Julian and Ceci.

In a couple of days I head south towards Real de Catorce, and I will be meeting up with a Canadian cyclist, Dagan, who also happens to be going a similar route as I.

So it would seem the universe has shifted to meet my needs, and sent this traveler to be my companion for some unknown period of time!

Also, there are no more massive Mexican cities on my travel horizon. Monterrey is the second biggest city in Mexico.

So it’s all good in the hood.

Don’t worry, be happy! 😉

P.S. This is my current, projected route for the next couple of months…

Screen shot 2016-01-01 at 3.37.54 PM

4 thoughts on “Peace in the Middle East (of Mexico)

  1. Do yourself a favor: spend at least two days in Real de Catorce! I loved going there as mini-vacation from life in Monterrey. Also, I just watched your “Laredo to Monterrey” video. Wonderful to see a city where I used to live in so vividly! Interesting juxtaposition of nonMexican music with that clip.

  2. That looks like a nice route. Let me know as it develops.
    I have a friend from here who is in Belize for the winter running a water sports retreat.

    I am sure you could connect there!

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