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About three years ago, my fiance and I decided to embark upon a cross-country bicycle trip. We are both musicians, and wanted to tour around the country serenading people and making new friends and connections.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and it was due to the need for us to have an ongoing blog for our trip that I began to learn the ropes.

My blogging has evolved from being a travel log with photos and funny stories, to a weekly entry that may be promoting a new album recording for our band, a cool story about something we did that week, an interesting passage from a meditation book, or whatever else I feel inspired to write about and think that my friends and fans want to read about and discuss.

Whatever your reason for wanting an ongoing blog, it is ALWAYS good to have one.

Here’s some of the reasons why having a blog is awesome for your business or life:

-It is a medium that enables you to stay connected with fans, friends and clients

-It is a way to keep fans, friends and clients informed on your latest project, product or experience

-You can build your email list through your blog

-You can sell products or classes through your blog

-You can make people laugh, cry or scratch their heads in wonder at your blog

The bottom line is, whether you’re a dentist or a meditation teacher, you will benefit from having a regular blog.

And it just so happens that one of my favorite things to do is to write blogs!

Combine my forces with your forces, and we can move worlds!

Here are some ways in which we can get your kick-ass blog going:

1. You send me content and I edit, expand, arrange and insert media (photos/videos) and links in a tasteful and compelling blog post. I will also come up with a catchy title for your post.


2. I interview you once a week (or once a month) and gather information and content about and from you directly. I will transcribe the audio from these interviews and arrange them into compelling blog posts with media and links.


3. You give me a general concept or topic and I will gather information from the inter-webs via other people’s blog posts, online articles, news, research and anything else I can find to create a compelling blog post for you and your readers.

Note: If your website is connected to WordPress (or is a WordPress site) I can work directly through your WordPress account.

If NOT, I will write the blog posts in a word doc, insert brackets and instructions for where the photos/videos/links should go within the post, and send them along to your webmaster to post.

Also, I am NOT a web designer, so in order to have your blog posts correctly connected to your social media outlets, and to have the posts appear on your website in a pleasing and functional way, I recommend that you hire a web designer to set these things up for you (if you don’t have one already).

So here’s what you can expect when you hire me:

-A weekly blog post that is compelling–fun to look at and to read
-Traffic directed from the blog to your projects, sales pages or webinars
-A variety of new and interesting content for your clients and readers

And here’s what I need from you:

-Content, a weekly or monthly interview or a topic
-A recurring, monthly payment that I don’t have to hassle you for 😉

Fill out the form below and let’s chat!

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Here’s some visuals on my portfolio:

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