Testimonials for Jahnavi Newsom

“I loved having Jahnavi edit my book. She provided a third party critical thought process that helped me redesign some of my thoughts so they were more clear as well as broaden my reading audience. I loved her ability to be honest and share her differing opinion on various topics in the book to help me ensure my thoughts were solid. She was not only a good editor for grammar and readability, she posted comments throughout the book to help make sure what I wanted to say, was actually what I was saying.”

-Tom Morrison, author of ‘How to Get People to Scream Your Name and Beg For More’

“I have always prided myself on my grasp of the English language. When I turned over my 17-page ebook to Jahnavi to edit I fully expected to receive it after she was done with only a handful or fewer editorial changes. Wrong… I got 622 editorial changes, thankfully, Jahnavi warned me ahead of time not to be dismayed by ‘all the red’. She was right. As I went painstakingly through each and every edit she made I could tell that she had put in a great deal of effort into the editorial review. Her suggestions were very logical and overall made my eBook a much stronger, more professional-sounding product that still remained true to my voice and my writing style. Jahnavi stuck to the agreed upon deadline and delivered the completed product on time. I highly recommend her editorial services.”

-Dani Reevers, author of ‘Selling on Etsy – An Ultra Easy Quick-Start Guide’

“Good experience and will continue to use the editing. Well recommended.”
-Tim Rudkins, author and owner of Rudkins Small Business Solutions


“I would recommend Jahnavi as an editor. Writers will appreciate her sense of humor, her attention to detail, and her timeliness. She truly loves what she does and it shows in her work.”

– Matthew Bernstein, author of ‘Music Soothes the Soul’


“Jahnavi understands the importance of editing.  She assisted in cleaning up my manuscripts flaws and took my book(s) to their highest & truest potential.”
– Beth Ann Stifflemire, author of ‘Diverted Heart’ and ‘Waiting Hearts’