Welcome to the Saving Grace of all manuscripts!

One of the most important steps in writing a book is having it looked over by an experienced and diligent editor.

You’ve done the most difficult part, which is getting a first, second or fiftieth draft of your book out onto paper. Your hard work deserves the best, and I can give you the best.

I’d like to take your manuscript, ebook or article and polish it until your readers can see themselves in it!


-Copy Editing: This is for improving the formatting, style, and accuracy of text, and must be done before typesetting and again before proofreading.

-Content Editing/Writing: While content editing, I will be looking for story-line and speech consistency, along with the general flow from page to page.


-Proof-Reading: This is done to detect and correct production errors of text, and is the final step before publication of a manuscript. (If I have already done a thorough edit of your manuscript – or if someone else has – proofreading is the final but important polish-up).

1 Cent/word

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