Jahnavi Newsom currently lives in Austin, TX with her fiance and baby daddy, Addison Rice. Together they form The Love Sprockets, a bicycle touring, mojo-folk duet involving a plethora of acoustic folk instruments, and coming soon, their very own foot percussion kit! The Love Sprockets are expecting a 3rd member, sometime in November 2016.

Jahnavi and Addison went on their first long distance cycle tour in 2013, from Brattleboro, Vermont to Austin, Texas.

Jahnavi recently did a solo bicycle tour from Austin, TX to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Aside from riding bicycles and writing songs, Jahnavi is keeps this blog going in order to share stories, insights, adventures and inspiration with you on a regular basis. She is also working on her first book, a memoir of bicycle adventures, music making and growing up a homeschooled, globe-trotter in an Indian religion.

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You can join The Love Sprockets for live shows either online or in person, and receive regular recordings of songs by visiting: www.patreon.com/thelovesprockets